We provide VAT Tax Agent Services.

We may be your tax agents since the Al Mutakhasis Consultancy offers VAT Agent services for the whole UAE.

Al Mutakhasis Con assumes complete liability for all regions and components of VAT in order to relieve you of your burden. As your VAT Agent, we will speak on your behalf to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on behalf of your business. To handle VAT in the UAE and other tax-related issues, firms will need to engage a tax agent.

FTA Tax Agent in UAE with approval Your tax agent in the UAE will help you with a variety of things, including:

  • FTA included some documents that must be in Arabic, accompanied by a standardized format. And, if your business doesn’t have documents in Arabic, we’re going to take care of it as a tax agent.
  • The name of Al Mutakhasis Consultancy is included in the UAE Tax Agents Register, we are completely informed and aware of all the latest rules and regulations on tax legislation and changes in the law. The liability for complying with the current rules of the tax law should also be removed.
  • Your tax expert will assist you in identifying the most practical and efficient strategies for your business, which will make long-term tax planning simpler. The experience and connections of the tax agent in the UAE would be highly significant and vital when the tax agent represents a taxable company or a person before government organizations like the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Al Mutakhasis Consultancy will represent your company at FTA as your registered tax agent in the UAE by supplying them with all necessary and pertinent papers, information, records, and data. We will act as your company’s tax representative with regard to any of your tax-related concerns.

The following is a summary of the key tasks that we will do to address every facet of VAT in the UAE:

  1. VAT Registration
  2. VAT Return Filings Refunds
  3. VAT Deregistration
  4. VAT Unprompted Disclosure
  5. VAT Reconsideration
  6. VAT Audit

The best and most efficient tax agents in Dubai are provided by Al Mutakhasis Consultancy. The UAE is soon to implement VAT, and companies must get licenses.

Al Mutakhasis Consultancy is ready to help you in any circumstance by accepting the role of your tax agent and requesting that you entrust us with all of your inquiries regarding UAE VAT.

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